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Thought Leadership

Fostering a Well World

Our founder, Mia Kyricos, is a globally respected thought-leader in the business of wellness, hospitality and brand strategy. Her work and expertise has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Skift, Smart Money, Hotel Business, Travel Weekly, Real Simple, Market Watch and more. Below are authored white papers and articles as well as a sample of Mia's podcast, webinar, and wellness event appearances. With her writing and guest appearances, Mia hopes to help people live and lead well—and most importantly, love more!


Five Lessons I've Learned Fighting for the Business of Wellness & Wellbeing

Today, wellness and wellbeing are contributing, if not essential, factors to the success of any business but are often still managed or prioritized independently of one another, if at all (we will discuss this very topic below). And since I’ve had the good fortune to lead or advise them both – whether proactively as strategic business priorities or reactively as departmental programs or missions - I started 2023 with an article outlining the top five lessons I’ve learned along the way. 


Redefining the ABCs of ESG with Wellbeing in Mind

In a world still finding its way out of a pandemic, into a war and around an exacerbated mental health crisis, isn’t it time for us to truly hold ourselves accountable for the wellbeing of people, planet, and community?


Love as a Business Strategy

From high-performance companies to purpose-driven organizations, is LOVE—traditionally a four-letter word in commercial environments—a business strategy worthy of serious consideration? To learn more, read the white paper or contact us to discuss potential keynote speaking or company training opportunities.


Leading Well in 2021

As business leaders reflect on 2020, and work to optimize their leadership behaviors in the New Year, there are practical, economical, and impactful ways to prioritize wellbeing for themselves and their teams. The only potential cost is ego and a genuine willingness to operate differently in 2021. To learn more, read the white paper or contact us to discuss potential keynote speaking or company training opportunities.


Branding Wellness (Among Other Things)

We’re often asked: “How do you brand wellness?” To start, we can’t answer this without first answering “what’s branding?” Therefore, this article breaks down the basics of managing brand perception as well as provides our top five tips for branding...wellness.


The Intersection of Hospitality, Wellness, Healthcare & Design

Imagine some of the world's most prominent hotel and wellness brands partnering with some of the world's most forward-thinking medical institutions. Wouldn’t our healthcare system look a little different? This article draws the parallel between “hospitality” and “hospitals” (they do share the same root word) to provide insights in the potential for moving healthcare forward in positive and transformative ways.

Podcasts, Webinars, & Event Appearances

Articles, White Papers, & Keynotes


Seeing Stars At Forbes Travel Guide’s 2024 Summit

Hotel Business

Cornell Honors Meyer and Kyricos

Spa Business

Put to the Test: Mia Kyricos Tries Out the Advanced Biometric Data Gathering Programme by Fountain Life

HCM Magazine

Mia Kyricos to Receive 2023 Cornell Hospitality Innovator of the Industry Award


Mia Kyricos, MMH ’03, Named 2023 Cornell Hospitality Innovator

Spa Business

Alchemy Springs Communal Bathhouse to Revive San Francisco’s Social Bathing Culture

Hotel Business Review

The Senior Living Revolution: How Hospitality & Wellness Are Transforming an Outdated Industry

Lifestyle Asia

How Current Wellness Trends Are Changing the Way We Travel, Work and Live


Mia Kyricos, Hyatt’s Global Head of Well-being, Receives Cornell Award

Spa Business

Kyricos Receives Leading Woman in Wellness Award

Spa Business

Interview: Mia Kyricos

TTG Asia

In Search of Zen


Measuring the Value of Wellness to a Hotel Brand

Hotel Management

Hotels See Value In Wellness Investment

The Hotel Gym, Reborn

Hotel Management

Why Westin, Hyatt and IHG See Profit In Wellness

In the Press

She Dynasty Podcast

Ep. 63: Mia Kyricos

Experience Strategy Podcast

Ep. 13: Ecosystems of Wellbeing with Mia Kyricos

Health Gig Podcast

Ep. 101: Love is a Business Strategy with Mia Kyricos

Glowing Older Podcast

Ep. 3:7: Wellness Communities Changing Senior Living


The Business of Wellness: How to Rise Above the Hype for A More Inclusive & Impactful Future

In a world still gripped by a pandemic, 21st century companies are under pressure to care for the wellbeing of people, community, and planet. At the same time, everyone from Hollywood to The Wallstreet Journal are talking about wellness, and not necessarily in a good way. How do we rise above the noise and drive business performance with a true systems approach to wellness and wellbeing moving forward?

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