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Bringing an Ecosystem of Wellbeing® To Life

Our proprietary Ecosystem of Wellbeing® framework serves our clients, our business, and the world at large. It’s not just our brand, it’s our calling. We work with senior leadership teams of public and private entities to leverage wellness as a strategic differentiator both internally and externally. We identify business opportunities, achieve brand and business objectives, and solve cross-functional challenges all with the goal of impacting the health and wellness of people, community, and planet.  

In addition, we are globally networked and regularly connect business owners, consultants, and companies to one another for the purposes of developing strategic partnerships, business relationships, and/or to join forces as we address your business needs, together.

Brand Strategy & Company Positioning

We evaluate and optimize how companies position themselves in the marketplace, inclusive of wellness-driven brand, product, marketing, communication, and employee wellbeing strategies. We also help to audit or develop branded experiences, products, and services that help to reinforce a brand or company mission, particularly those who wish to operate and lead in a well world.

Ways We Partner with You


Keynote Speaking & Industry Expertise

We regularly help to evangelize the business of wellness by keynoting conferences and events or serving as third-party experts. Whether your needs are B2B, B2C or B2B2C, we educate, motivate and humanize wellness and wellbeing for a wide array of public and private engagements on stage, on screen and in print.

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Benefit from Our Global Network

We believe in the power of fostering community and connections and have had the good fortune to do so around the world. If we don't have the expertise you need, we usually know who does and will connect you to get the job done—and done well. This is our own company's Ecosystem of Wellbeing® in action.

Ready to start leveraging wellness as a key differentiator?

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Wellness Strategy & Workplace Wellbeing

We serve as wellness industry experts to help advise business plans, executive-level meetings, and strategic planning sessions. We also conduct leadership assessments for executives interested in leveraging their personal wellbeing as a vehicle for transformational business performance. In both cases, we serve as an extended part of your team to help guide and achieve key business objectives.

Guest Experience & Product Evaluation

We conduct site evaluations of existing wellness, hospitality and service-driven operations in order to optimize both the guest experience, customer wellbeing and business performance. We also evaluate product and service experiences for direct-to-consumer, lifestyle companies eager to develop, evolve and/or successfully launch new products & services in the trillion-dollar wellness economy.

Development & Operational Guidance

Given our roots in the global hospitality industry, we offer strategic guidance and referral services for the effective development and operations of service-based enterprises and real-estate driven assets. Examples include hotel and resort spas, health retreats, wellness destinations, integrative wellness communities and more. We also help companies of all kinds to consider how they impact the wellbeing of the communities within which they operate.

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